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Supporting veterans is something that has always been important to the Moose. So, it is no surprise that our newest initiative, the "Valued Veterans" program, has drawn so much interest from members, lodges and chapters.


The focus of this program is on the recognition and support of Moose veterans with an emphasis on their ongoing service to their fraternal units and communities through the Moose. The program's tag phrase captures this well: "Moose Members Serving Then . . . and NOW!" This approach simultaneously honors our veterans while also highlighting the Fraternity's commitment to community service.


The International Heart of the Community Committee approached the planning of this program with passion, enthusiasm, and personal insights, as several members are veterans themselves. The goal was to deliver more recognition and support to our own members who are veterans and to provide Lodges and Chapters with the necessary tools to make the best possible impact on all who have served.


When this ambitious program was previewed at the 2016 Moose Convention in St. Louis, many voiced strong opinions about elements they wanted to see included in the program.  Obviously, the main focus of the Moose is our fraternal programs, including Mooseheart, Moosehaven and Heart of the Community activities; and though we don't have the expertise or resources to be a full-fledged veteran's services organization, we know we can still provide recognition and support to our veteran members who have made a positive impact on society through their service and through our Fraternity.


Admittedly, this program may not be all things to all veterans, but we will strive to serve our veterans to the very best of our ability. Our members' strong sentiments only confirm that they are passionate about this cause, and do want to see the program succeed – and therefore, we are confident that it will.


Suggestions and/or questions can be emailed to Cherie Mondrella. Review the rest of this section of the website to discover more aspects about the program including how you can "opt in" if you're a veteran, or how you can participate even if you are not.

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